Daily Meditation

Dear my,

I am asking you that every day at 18:00 London time, to sit for five minutes in peace and quiet (I know with children it is more difficult, but maybe they will want to sit with you – try to convince them, to make a play with this vision). You do not need to do anything special. Just sit or lie down for a moment, close your eyes and express the intention: Love and Peace for the whole Earth. We all have an idea of ​an Earth, where Love and Peace reigns. And let’s try to keep this image. We see happy and smiling people. They travel freely with free means of transport to all parts of the world. Transportation takes place on vehicles powered by free energy. This energy comes from ecological resources. Everyone lives without economic problems and we get all the necessary things for free. We work and learn because we want to. Because it gives us pleasure and gives a lot of satisfaction. Everyone meets and is happy in the chosen area of ​​life. We contact all friendly civilizations from outside the Earth freely and without problems. We have common goals and projects. We travel with them to the innumerable planets of our Universe. Everything happens based on the Law of  One. Do you see it already? Cool. I am very happy. I am waiting for you at 18:00 London time.

Love and Peace for Earth




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