High Frequencies Are Coming To Earth – Be Aware Of The Side Effects

New Beginnings Guatemala

iagesby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last few days a lot of people in my personal surrounding have been feeling sick or kind of  unbalanced and stronger effected by other peoples energies than usually. It took me a moment to realize, that even the strongest energy worker and transformer I know, seam to have trouble digesting all the intensity that the universe is firing at us right now. Like reported in my post from yesterday, today is the day when the Comet Catlina is closest to the earth, before making its way out of our solar system. Our Light Bodies are celebrating as they are ahead of our integration, and so the human psyche, physical and energetic body can have trouble to take it all in.
Many people have used the amazing collective frequency upgrades of the last weeks, to do some inner healing, letting go and forgiveness work

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