Gaia News Brief 20 June 2015–On Letting Go by Reiki Doc

Sirian Heaven


My pet rat IZ (he ‚sings’) hasn’t been as active in the cage as his partner, Homer for the last few days.
I found him hiding under the exercise wheel.

Our ‚pet ship’ hasn’t gone very far because both of the rats don’t like to be held. They don’t bite, but they also clearly don’t enjoy it.

They are growing, and the cage isn’t going to accommodate them when they hit full size.

So I’m on the fence as to keep them or not, and always looking for data.

IZ wasn’t moving right. He would spin around the central axis of his body. His head was tilted to the right, and my close inspection revealed his left eye was bulging.

Instantly I knew he had increased intracranial pressure with neurological deficit. I also knew by the severity, he hadn’t been able to eat or get water. By my professional…

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