Authority of judeo-satanists from Kiev bombing schools and civilians in Ukraine.

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A classroom is damaged school in Donetsk  Ukraine  on October 1  2014  after a shell exploded nearby

A classroom is damaged school in Donetsk, Ukraine, on October 1, 2014,

Ukraine’s largest city of Donetsk was shaken by violence Wednesday as 10 people were killed, some of them teachers and parents showing up for the first day of school. Terrified children were forced to shelter in the basement as the shelling yielded the highest single civilian toll since a tenuous ceasefire was struck.

A pro-Russian separatist soldier checks a burnt out bus after a shell exploded near a bus stop in Do...

Four adults were killed, it said in a statement 01 october 2014. Six more died when another shell struck a minibus at a bus stop about 500 metres from the school. „I was going to open the doors to let passengers in and out when it happened,” the driver of the vehicle, Mikhail Drobotun.


On 05 Novembre 2014 another two teenagers have been killed in the shelling of a school in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

The city’s administration said in a statement on…

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