Judeo -satanists from NATO want war with Russia.

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4 millions Polish Jews are member of World Jewish Federation They hold major positions in politics , commerce, media and judicial sustem under changed names, just like Hanna Suchocka (Haik Silberstein) who held several prime positions in Polish government and participated in Bilderberg Group meeting. Poland’s politics is not run by Poles just like the US’s politics and economy is not run by Americans.

NATO Secretary General and judeo-satanists Jens Stoltenberg has warned Moscow against recognizing the elections by pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine planned for later this week.

Jens Stoltenberg judeo-satanists and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg judeo-satanists and NATO Secretary General

„Statements by Russian officials that Russia would recognize these so-called ‚elections’ show that Russia continues its efforts to destabilize Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said in a Friday statement.

„NATO allies, as part of the broad international community, have made clear they will not recognize so-called separatist elections,” he said.

Stoltenberg noted that the Sunday vote in…

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