Oct 16 Mysterious Flashes Of Light Night Turns To Day Over Brazil

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Oct 16 Mysterious Flashes Of Light Night Turns To Day Over Brazil

Watch the news… watch the footage…
Meteor hits the Brazilian city Recife, the largest city in Pernambunco Brazilian State.
Does what you see jive with the theory that this is a gigantic fireball lighting up the sky, as the media suggest.
These lights remind me of the Japan lights, right before the Fukushima earthquake.
According to Zetas, apparently some of these lights can come from magnetic shifts with the earth.
Similar lights may come from earthquakes… and have either manmade origins, or are a natural electrical response to release of kinetic earth energy.
Or perhaps something else is going on.

VIDEO: Meteor lights up night sky above the Brazilian city of Recife

New York Daily News – ‎1…

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