Russia TV Video 10-14-14… „Geopoliticians discuss the Russian response to America’s ‚declaration of war'”

Kauilapele's Blog (published 10-14-14)

[Kp note: I found this a fascinating look at how this group from Russia views the US at this time. There are so many truths presented here, of which many of us are already aware, that much will not exactly be a surprise. No matter what, I found myself learning quite a bit about the „USA” government (which of course usually means the SSG (Secret Shadow Government)) from this discussion.]

Found this at RMN.

Notes from the RMN page:

The TV-Show Sunday evening with Vladimir Soloviev is one of the most favoured programs on Russian TV. It should give you a good impression about which topics the man in the street is concerned about. My quote in the headline refers to the foreign policy of the U.S.A. during the last decades and is quoted from the discussion.

The guests are:

Sergei Markov: a Deputy Chairman of…

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