Mass Arrests 1 of 2… RT 9-24-14… „Over 1,000 arrested in Europe crackdown on organized crime – Europol”

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I saw this yesterday, and was not getting to post until later. Then article 2 came forth, which I’ll post after this. I would say this is all interconnected with that wonderful „family of contrast” called „the Cabal”. This is indeed a strong indication that this „mythical” animal called „Mass Arrests” is actually occurring as we go about our „normal daily lives”.

„Europol head said the operation… „has led I think to a very significant attack on the whole criminal infrastructure in Europe”… „What we have seen emerging is an integrated underground criminal economy,” Reuters reports Wainwright as saying, referring to the ‘dark net’ – or encrypted internet – used by criminals to communicate with each other.”


Over 1,000 arrested in Europe crackdown on organized crime – Europol

European police have arrested more than 1,000 suspects in an unprecedented nine-day swoop on organized crime. At least 30…

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