Major Revelations by Gordon Duff on VT Radio 9-22-14… MP3s

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veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_22I’ve created MP3s of the VT radio show of 9-22, posted here. I felt it was important enough to do this. The first 2 parts are 22 min. long, and Parts 3-5 are about 18 min. The intel received by Gordon Duff from Russian intelligence starts with Part 3.

I’ve removed the hum from all of these, so if there’s a slight „shortness” in the speech, that’s the reason.

To hear the original, please go to the video.

MP3s (each part 18-22 min., 9-10 MB each)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Complete show (1:39, 45 MB)

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