FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 9-22-14… „Facing the mathematical certainty of defeat, the cabal is negotiating a surrender”

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benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk87A few points I find in this Ben that struck me are below. I do find it interesting how he is pointing out cabal members that are now „mysteriously” dying off.

„…the latest indications of cabal defeat… First of all the deaths of, and attacks on, senior cabalists continue… Then Skull and Bones murderer and US corporate government Secretary of State John Kerry was ridiculed on live TV about ISIS while insulting signs were held up behind him… [look for the pink signs behind Kerry in the video at the Breitbart link below]

„This was followed by cabal propaganda outlet the New York Times putting out a story saying that ISIS was a creation of the CIA. Then armed intruders broke into the White House twice last week. None of these events could have taken place without senior agency and Pentagon backing.

„…representatives of the Rothschild family, the North Koreans…

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