2nd Sun In Our Earth Sky… Suddenly A Dominant Factor In World Events, Unacknowledged?

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

2nd Sun In Our Earth Sky… Suddenly A Dominant Factor In World Events, Unacknowledged?

First check out the footage…

Nibiru Is Real After All!!! Second Sun Now RISING in Horizon (Mawson Station Antarctic)

Let it sink in that Nibiru is here and check out the list if you feel it doesn’t affect us… it appears to be THE dominant factor in our lives…

Well… here’s what we got lately… it’s probably a short list:

-High earthquake activity

-High sinkhole activity

-The oceans are suddenly melting at poles

-Strange sun activity

-Strange weather all over the world

-Unusual solar wind activity

-Major flooding all over the world

-Jet streams shifting

-Earth shape has changed

-Earth tilt shifted.

-Earth spin shifted

-Asteriod season is upon us

-Earth magnetics disturbed

-Human health affected

-High volcano activity

-Fireballs… fireballs… fireballs

As our earth magnetic field is affect by the pull of the giant Nibiru… we learn…

Headlines Are…

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