Gordon Duff and Robbie the Pict, VT 9-19-14… „Scotland: Referendum Rigging Caught in Secret Video”

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scotland_flag_4As I mentioned in the last post,

It’s never about „Who votes and How they vote”, it’s about „Who counts the votes” and „How they count the votes.”

(and, „How many votes do they ADD to one or the other side of the count!”)

This is an exposure article that goes along with the last post’s video, and I am sure many Scots who voted „No” will very likely be not too thrilled with this.

There’s perhaps no surprise here. The UK so-called government corporation would not like to see this be a „Yes” result, for sure.

Here is a link to a prior VT article by Robbie the Pict.

„If the video is correct as to type of ballot used, it would not be considered legal in any international election. Anyone could create a thousand of these in 20 minutes, they aren’t tracked by voter…

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