RT 9-9-14… „World leaders call for end to War on Drugs”

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legalize_drugs_world_leadersFinally we’re seeing sanity appear in this area. Many are aware that the drug trade is one the „cabal’s” most lucrative funding mechanisms. Now with marijuana being legalized everywhere, and people calling for an end to the police state madness with drugs in general, many of which are healing plants, the dark’s drug funding mechanisms are falling to pieces.

Personally, my experience with coca leaf tea in Peru proved to me that all of the DEA garbage we’ve been fed is not at all true. I loved the coca tea!!

„Overwhelming evidence points to not just the failure of the drug control regime to attain its stated goals but also the horrific unintended consequences of punitive and prohibitionist laws and policies,” states the study, published by the Global Commission on Drug Policy (GCDP) this week.

„Among its board members are the ex-presidents of Brazil, Chile, Switzerland, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and…

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