Preston James VT 9-13-14… „Ending the Continuing Stream of America’s Secret Shadow Government Psyops”

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veterans_today_preston_james_banner_8This is quite the comprehensive history article by Preston, and certainly goes well with David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny series. There is a lot of excellent reading here, and I’ll just leave this with a few of the highlights, from my view, which are likely NOT part of David’s series.

„There has been a continuing stream of Psyops deployed against the American People by the Hidden, True Leaders of America ever since their Covert Takeover in 1913.

„The new BRICS Nations Bank is likely going to decapitate the Top Policy-Makers of the SSG from their elastic, create as much as they need, FIAT phony money supply created with the flick of a pen or a keyboard entry by the Federal Reserve System, the biggest financial scam in history… The new BRICS Nations Banking System is growing by the day and now includes 139 members who have either signed agreements or…

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