India Pakistan flood death toll from heavy monsoon rains passes 200

The Extinction Protocol

September 2014PAKISTAN – More than 200 people have been killed in flooding caused by heavy rain across large swathes of India and Pakistan, reports say. At least 110 people were killed by downpours in Pakistani-administered Kashmir and Punjab, officials said. About 100 people also died in Indian-administered Kashmir, as the floodwaters washed away houses and triggered landslides, officials said. The region is suffering from its worst flooding in two decades. On Thursday, a bus carrying about 50 members of a wedding party in Indian-administered Kashmir was swept into a gorge, killing dozens. The bride and groom were among those feared dead. The full extent of the region’s death toll is not clear. On Saturday, Omar Abdullah, chief minister of the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir, told local media that “close to 100 lives” had been lost. However, local media reported that up to 120 people in the…

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