Breaking News (well, Stew Webb says „Super-Breaking”) from VT Radio 9-3-14…

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veterans_today_banner_5I was sent this by DH just now, who occasionally sends me insider articles and information I sometimes read. This one struck home, and I felt VERY strongly that I needed to post this. NOW…

I’ve listened to parts of the radio show this came from, but in particular, the Part 4 MP3, below, has some breaking news regarding a threat against Leo Wanta. The recording they mention starts at 11:58 of Part 4. The audio player for this part is below, and snips from the upcoming Gordon Duff article about this are below the MP3s (I’m refraining from publishing the whole article which DH included in their email to me, as it may not be completely finished, and I wanted Gordon to publish it himself, first).

Veterans Today Radio News Reports Stew Webb Host September 3 2014
Guests: Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Dr. Preston James and Amb…

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