Aug 30th “The Event” Crop Circle Supports “Earth Is Entering Possible Magnetic Disturbance And/Or Debris Trail/DNA Recalibration/New Lifeforms” Theories

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Aug 30th “The Event” Crop Circle Supports “Earth Is Entering Possible Magnetic Disturbance And/Or Debris Trail/DNA Recalibration/New Lifeforms” Theories

Theory:   Earth (third planet from the sun) may be passing through a field of energy that may include meteors and unseen radiation, which will assist with DNA recalibration of humanity and seed earth with new lifeforms, while being physically destructive, but not to worldwide drastic proporations, since we have passed all apocalyptic timelines. There may be a brief period of survival as systems go down, but all is related to “The Event” that will propel humanity into a new golden age reality. Nibiru is on it’s way out of our solar system in 2014, as stated on Nibiruan Council website.  We here on earth will feel the magnetic pull of this system, as it does an earth passby.

Debris Is Heading Our Way Earthlings!

Both scientists and channeled messages including The Group through Steve Rothers…

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