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■■ Bernard Margueritte: Europa miernoty a upadek zachodu

Kiedy pan Tusk został powołany na prezydenta rady Unii Europejskiej byłem akurat we Francji.

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■■ Prof. Kieżun i SB. Dokumenty IPN

W związku z formułowanymi zarzutami i nieprawdziwymi ocenami zakresu relacji prof. Witolda Kieżuna z SB ujawnionymi w artykule Sławomira Cenckiewicza i Piotra Woyciechowskiego „Tajemnica Tamizy”, zdecydowaliśmy się opublikować najważniejsze materiały archiwalne dotyczące tej sprawy.

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Stargate opening: The greatest Epoch in human history and gathering together of triads within soul groups.

Judith Kusel


Mankind at certain times have always stood before immense epochs in their history, where the collective stood before the portals of the next dimensions and then had to either step through this portal, or were left behind.

Whether this was in the civilizations before Lemuria, and Atlantis of afterwards, there were always times when the higher paths, and the higher evolutionary states could have been reached, but then the self-destructive tendencies which haunted mankind since the first time, would re-emerge.

Therefore it has been declared that this time round this would not be allowed to happen.  It was declared that this time round enough Light workers would be activated who could step through those portals, and then bring in those necessary octaves of rising which would allow the New Earth to truly settle in, without outside interference.

A lot of souls therefore, who were highly evolved then volunteered to assist…

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