Outside The Matrix———->

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

  • Outside The Matrix———-> The matrix is now coming down by the hearts and hands of all who desire a new way that is comfortable, equitable and abundant for all creatures.  The story of earth has taken an unexpected twist…the reptilians are gone now… the serpents are unraveling… the noose is now releasing it’s knot by our desire to be free… each being may truly walk free now… all that is left in the twist knot is the unraveling of illusions… think of all the times you allowed another being to have authority over you… that is the clearing work now, untying of the knot for good this time… fingers nimble… outside the prison of self limitation, awaits a new sky… with new colours… and new forms of technology… walk outside the prison gates, realizing that it was all a story that we convinced each other, is real… and we made…

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