Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook 8-30-14… „“Cracked,” the Demise of the “Iron Dome””

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new_eastern_outlook_header_1I never post things about this „Israel Iron Dome” business. But a couple of points stood out in this, so I highlight them below, and place the article here for possible reading.

A point which really struck home, is the fact that many are not playing along with the „cabal” type game, especially regarding the Oakland port refusing a berth to an Israeli ship. Something is changing.

„OBAMA STEPS ASIDE… In California at the seaport of Oakland, an Israeli ship is being refused a berth. No one will load or unload. The writing is on the wall, Israel has worn out its welcome in the United States. Early on America pulled back its air defense ships that made up the real backbone of the Iron Dome. In response, the America’s Israeli controlled congress voted $270 million for Iron Dome “upgrades” that were less likely to disappear mysteriously.

„Whether Obama has…

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