Dr. Anthony Hall, VT 8-30-14… „Law, Criminality, and Assaults on Indigenous Peoples”

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veterans_today_dr_anthony_hall_banner_1I admit… I have not fully read this one yet. But it felt very appropriate, with all the various „sovereignty” movements that are currently ongoing right now, including Hawai’i, to post this now. I’m only posting the text, so please go to the original article to see all of the images.

This appears to me as another important part of the unveiling of the „true” history of „America”.

I’ve picked a few items from the article, but here is what I see as a major point:

The United States was thus founded on the explicit criminalization of those Indigenous peoples inhabiting the very land that were slated to become the primal capital of the fledgling White settler state.

„…the Aboriginal policies of the Harper government in Canada continue in the present many of the same patterns of repressive treatment of Indigenous peoples that once made the governments of…

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