„Hawai’i: The Stolen Paradise”… a Partial Video…

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This video appears to be the latter half of the full show, to be presented on RT TV, September 5-7.

Emotionally, I cannot say I really „enjoyed” this show. When I see the people presented as „in poverty”, for one thing, what does that mean? Many people I know who are „houseless”, are living as caretakers of the land. And although they live simply, it is only by judging their condition, do we get the term, „in poverty”. And to see the dishonoring of the Spirit of Hawai’i, by the presence of the U.S. (and other countries’) military, and the promotion of the tourism industry above taking care of the kānaka maoli, that is appalling to my heart.

Additionally, a major missed point in this is that the video presents the statement that Hawai’i was „annexed”. However, anyone who has kept up with the Kingdom of Hawai’i…

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