RT 8-28-14… „Over 60 Ukrainian troops cross into Russia seeking refuge”

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ukraine_soldiers_taken_in_by_russia_2I’m not getting into all of the „this side did this” and „that side did that” thing here. But somehow the reports that „62 Ukrainian troops have crossed into Russia’s Rostov Region” and „almost 90 Ukrainian troops laid down their arms and surrendered on Wednesday alone, following at least 129 the day before”, indicates that there may very well be an „exiting” of soldiers from the battle zones. Soldiers refusing to fight anymore.

New Energies at work here?


Over 60 Ukrainian troops cross into Russia seeking refuge

A group of 62 Ukrainian troops have crossed into Russia’s Rostov Region seeking shelter to save their lives amid an intensified counteroffensive recently launched by anti-Kiev militia in southeastern Ukraine.

“Today, 62 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces turned to Russian border guards asking to let them into the Russian territory near Russia’s settlement of Shramko, Matveyevo-Kurgansky district, with the aim to…

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