‚Groundbreaking’ Discovery at Stonehenge

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Why was Stonehenge built? ‚Groundbreaking’ discovery of 15 new monuments suggests the answer could lie BENEATH the ground

Reposted from: Daily Mail UK | by SARAH GRIFFITHS

  • Stonehenge project used magnetic sensors to scan landmark in Wiltshire
  • Experts found 15 previously unknown Neolithic monuments underground
  • Sites suggest that Stonehenge was not an isolated monument in an unspoilt landscape, but that there was lots of human activity nearby
  • Study revealed a large gap in the Cursus barrier, indicating it acted as a gateway for ‚worshipers’ as well as a marker for the passage of the sun
  • Cursus is a strip of land which ran east to west for around two miles (3km)
  • Two pits at either end of the Curcus could have been used for ritual fires
  • Expert thinks Stonehenge was built to ‘monumentalise’ a procession

Humans have marvelled at the majesty of Stonehenge for thousands of years, but the famous…

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