My Journal August 2, 2014 – I pushed the red button

The silverplatinum flame

 Galactic History Entry Earth Time August 2, 2014, 1:11.56 pm CEST

red button1YES!!!!!

I pushed this button, it was yesterday evening at 23:47 pm my timezone, on August 1, 2014.

Around two weeks ago I was talking with beloved Jesus and then suddenly he told me that the Universe and Multiverse would expect my call. My call for the changes to happen. All would be in balance now, the feminine and masculine energies, and that I need to push a red button in a silver holder to make the ‚tip’ for the changes to happen. That this would be my assignment.

I should meditate about this button and then push it when the time is right. I would know when the time would be right. I did and I could see the button onboard of my beautiful ship, the Mesime, but there was a transparent box around it and I had…

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