Ebola test ordered on British-Nigerian woman found dead in her apartment in Austria

The Extinction Protocol

August 2014AUSTRIA A 48-year-old British Nigerian woman is feared to have died of the deadly Ebola virus in Austria. The woman’s body was found at her apartment in Vomp, in the Tyrol, at the weekend after she returned from a trip to Nigeria. Blood, hair and urine samples have been sent to a tropical disease centre in Hamburg for urgent tests. The woman, who has a British passport, had travelled from Nigeria to Germany where she then flew back to her home in Vomp. Her body was discovered in her flat on Saturday. Austrian officials confirmed today they implemented emergency measures following the suggestion that she might have died from the Ebola virus. Results from the Centre for Tropical Diseases in the northern Germany city of Hamburg are expected sometime today.
The doctor who attended the scene where the body was found gave the cause of death…

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