David Wilcock Comment (1 of 2) at Ben Fulford’s Latest Article…

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David_Wilcock_Search91Originally I saw these at RMN. I’m posting the pre-David comments, which apparently led to his comments, first. And since his response-type comments are fairly long, I’ll post David’s in two parts.


Related pre-David comment:Comment by azure on August 18, 2014 @ 5:25 pm
„Azure were you aware of the notion widely accepted by many, perhaps even David himself that DW is the incarnation of Edgar Cayce.
Wynn Free wrote a book to this end collaborating with DW a while back though my knowledge of this area is limited and only the result of researching something about the Elohim that led to Wynn frees site ages ago.
All the interconnections seem to be coming together for me personally on so many levels in other respects and this one just presented so thought it might be of value mentioning.” xx ❤️ [Comment by lindigabs on August 18…

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