Interview with COBRA by Rob Potter – August 1, 2014… VIDEO version

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[KP note: This was just pointed out to me.]

Published on Aug 10, 2014

Dear Promise Family,

This page has been created specifically and exclusively for you and those from, as well as the followers of Cobras Portal 2012 Blog.

We hope that every month you will submit your questions that I will ask COBRA for you during our exclusive regularly scheduled interviews. You may send your questions to .Your e-mail must have in the title and subject line “Cobra Questions” or I may miss them. I must have these restrictions to file these questions properly I hope you will understand.

I have in the past received so many repeated requests to have asked Cobra to answer individual questions that it was with honor that I told Cobra I would provide a platform for this exchange of information to take place. Cobra has generously agreed to allow…

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