Hmmmmm Violet Flame Kombucha!!!!!!!

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Kejiwa ‚Violet Flame’ Kombucha Elixir ∆
Created by St. Germain’s spark of inspiration gifted to Us!
Intention: Transmute Non-serving Energies

Ingredients: organic violet flower +leaf . wild lavender . organic sage . organic neroli blossom . wild sandalwood . organic lemongrass . organic spring white tea . wild yerba santa . wild juniper berry . organic acai berry . organic concord grape . wild mugwort . amethyst gem essence . gold ormus (essential minerals condensed from celtic & dead sea salts)

Supports: Instilling emotional clarity, enhancing intuition, cleansing blood, stimulating lymphatic glands, clearing infections, and Crown Chakra connecting.

Are you ready for the Ultimate Magical Elixir ?

Activate and Ascend with our special Violet Flame Elixir!….designed to transmute, clear, and release all non-serving energies.

Supports emotional clarity, intuition, cleanses blood, stimulates lymphatic glands, clears infections, and more!

Available Only Via Request


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