Gordon Duff/Jim Dean of VT, 7-17-14… „777 Shot Down Over Ukraine”

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veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_12[Numerological UPDATE: by the way, yesterday was 7-16-2014, a 7-7-7 day. Today, a 777 was shot down. This is more than synchronicity, I’m quite sure, and likely planned in advance.]

As we send Light and Love to all those affected by this event, I’m sure many of the readers of this blog would have two words come to mind: „False Flag”.

Again, Gordon Duff and Jim Dean use their intel sources to find out what really happened.

All I will be doing is sending Light, Love, and Prayers to the whole situation.


777 Shot Down Over Ukraine
By Gordon Duff with Jim W. Dean

We have people on the scene now (1:45PM EST) who have found a bag of passports and medical equipment.  We will keep you updated.

Initial stories, traced back to Israeli intelligence, that a Russian jet is responsible for downing the Malaysian Airlines 777…

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