Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Children Divine

Illuminations Now!!

Children playing in tiles fountain, Manila Zoo, January 2007 Children playing in the tile fountains at the Manila Philippines Zoo. As jets of water randomly shoot up from the tiles, they playfully chase the water jets and try to step on them.  (Photography © David Wendel Robinson, 7 Jan 2007 – AKA Lightweaver)

Beloved brothers and sisters of light and love.  Our message today is simple.

You are each and every one children of the Divine.  There are no exceptions.

Play then as children play, dance as children dance, sing as children sing. In every moment of life in this world, celebrate your divinity as children of God.   For all the illusions of trial and trouble in the world, it is in the joy of children that lies the greatest hope.  For they are the true teachers, the true prophets.   Let them help you to remember.  Your children are not your burden, or your servants.  They are…

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