Katla Volcano stirs: glacial flood outburst, increased seismicity

The Extinction Protocol

July 2014ICELAND – There are indications that a small glacial outburst flood is occurring in the river Múlakvísl, which originates in Mýrdalsjökull glacier, where the volcano Katla is located. The Civic Protection Department of the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police declared yesterday a level of uncertainty because of the flood, which is believed to have started on July 2. Employees of the Icelandic Met Office have placed sensors on the new bridge that is being built across Múlakvísl to measure the water flow and conductivity in the river. The uncertainty level does not affect the bridge’s construction, ruv.is reports. There are a number of calderas near Katla, created by geothermal heat, but it is uncertain where the flood originates. Hydrogen sulfide is being carried into Múlakvísl and travelers are asked not to stop by the river because of dangerous gases, mbl.is reports.
Conductivity has also increased in…

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