Enough Already!!!!!

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140411_kp_mauna_kea_P1010046_150_8That’s pretty much exactly how I feel right this instant. I’m just spent, looking at this news, that news, so and so group blew up this and that, and rockets are here, and bombs are there, the Ukraine still looks like a mess, the cabal is still running around, and nuclear this and that and we’re all going to hell no matter where you go or what you read. Crap!!!

This may just be a personal „rant”, but it sure feels immensely intense and it feels like it’s not just mine.

I’ve had it. Jean Haines wrote an article today saying kind of the same thing.

I know there is an end to it all. But when and how? I don’t know… at all… There’s „The Event”. There’s „Prosperity Programs”. There’s „Global Resets”. There’s just about everything you can think up or dream up, except for one thing…

Where the…

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