Important Update from Lada Ray 7-8-14… „Russia’s NEW Ambitious Anti-Dollar Move: $150 bln Investment in Baikal-Amur Railroad”, and Implications for the US Dollar (aka, Federal Reserve ‚Paper’)

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lake_baikal_old_railwayThis appears to be a very important development, as it is evidence that Russia is moving forward without the famous (and now continually ignored by everybody around the world) Federal Reserve US dollar system.

Please go to Lada Ray’s Futuristrendcast blog page to see all of the beautiful photos and videos.

This effectively signals 3 very important things:

1. Russia’s ambitions are back – this is the signal that the country expects growth and robust development.

2. Russia is confirming its Asia pivot – as I’ve been predicting since February 2014. BAM connects Trans-Siberian and Baikal with the Far East/Pacific Ocean and various points in Asia and Siberia. This includes the resource-rich points of the north, as well as potential hard-to-reach tourist destinations.

3. Russia re-affirms that it will stop the silly practice of financing US dollar (which is a form of economic slavery) and will instead use its…

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