Voice of Russia 6-23-14… „Professional killers trained by the CIA in Poland kill their own people in Ukraine – expert”

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poroshenko_at_war_tableYes, we all likely know this is going on. However, there are a couple points that stood out from this article, which I list below.

„Christoph R. Horstel, government Consultant and publicist, Germany: “In fact, if you offer a peace plan, that plan should address the problems which have lead into a violation of peace. But the Poroshenko’s plan has never addressed anything, except for one point – complete obedience, subordination of all the Ukrainian people under the rule in Kiev, which is the result of the coup d’état – the second in ten years – a strange kind of election where a majority was no longer necessary, and meanwhile we had rumors that there were frauds all over the place with the presidential election and the government is still in the interim regime.

„These troops fighting in the east of the country are very special troops, we…

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