Montague Keen Message 7-6-14… „Veronica is Moving… to create ‚The Ireland Centre'” (Contribution opportunity!!)

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montague_keen_veronica37For those who wish to assist Veronica (and Monty) to purchase the Centre in Ireland, here is the Donation page. I sense that this is an important time to „crowd fund” this mission by Veronica(and family), as the work is greatly needed in Ireland, at this moment. We each have our Earth locations of mission, and this particular one, between Tara and Uisneach, is of the utmost significance.

[Donation page]


Montague’s Message for Sunday 6 July 2014

It is not easy for me to ask my dear wife to leave the house we shared together. It is a house in which we knew great happiness. To leave her family and go to Ireland to work on your behalf. It takes high energy beings to work on the blocked energy. The reason her visits to Tara have been so successful is because she and three others were…

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