A Message to the World… „We are Hawai’i. We are Hawai’ians. We are the Kingdom of Hawai’i. That is who we are.”

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Click to enlarge Lāhainā, Maui, capital of Kingdom of Hawai’i, 1820–1845
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[Kp note, just after posting this: I am not claiming to speak as a Hawai’ian (by bloodline) for Hawai’ians. I am simply, perhaps, a messenger. All I can say is that I felt this Presence speaking through me, and guiding the words, as I wrote. That’s all I can say.]

I’m not sure exactly why I’m writing this post, at this moment. But it will rapidly become clear.

I’m speaking for those who may not have a voice or a channel to speak with.

I am speaking for those who are living, and those who have had their physical bodies laid to rest in the ground of Hawai’i, with their iwi („na iwi”, bones) laid with care and Aloha in their sacred burial locations.

I am speaking for the Hawai’ians of the past.

I am speaking for the Hawai’ians…

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