~ Understanding the TIME and SPACE continuum. Working with the NOW moment of time. Walking into your POWER. AA Metatron & 33rd Dimension ~

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

timeandspaceAs the time is moving in the spinning direction of the sun and the opposite direction of the moon,  expanding and contracting has thereby created a vortex and your linear time as you know it is becoming less and less definite and more blurred and unpredictable. For the magnetic field of your own vehicles is corresponding to the magnetic field of GAIA. And whilst your planet’s magnetic field is being restructured so is your own vehicle’s magnetic field shifting into another state of being, corresponding to direct effect of the changes occurring within your planets magnetic field.

For the time as you understand it to be indeed does not exist. For all is occurring in the now moment of time, where myriad of timelines, dimensions, and realities merge and disperse all at once. And hence many of you are finding yourself confused when you look at the clock, for your…

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