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Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – April 25, 2014 Heilungszahlen für Nahrungsmittel und Gesundheit – Erzengel Raphael durch Marc Gamma – 25.04.2014

Illuminations Now!!

Preface from my individual view:

This I regard as a very particular and special surprise  gift from our heavenly guides … especially for me since I take it very much personally and privately as a most prescious gift to all of us here on Earth at this Time of Now and Moment !  Here we receive some tools for coping better with all issues of our daily life …. and as this is around my real 80ies Birthday ( with the very first included) I cannot do otherwise than sending my grateful „Thank thankyouflowers4You” to the Givers up there – beyond there – with a great „Hallelujah” !

Namasté to all of you !(Contra)Mary=Evamaria-Havah

Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma – April 25, 2014


My beloved Humans on Earth – this is Archangel Raphael speaking:

It is with much delight that today I am…

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Reiki Doc Protocols For Using The Angelic Healing Codes April 26, 2014

Sirian Heaven

On April 25, 2014, channeler Marc Gamma was given ten numeric sequences or codes to be used for healing purposes from Archangel Raphael.

This was announced on this blog on April 26, 2014. Here is the link to the post which includes the link to the original article translated to English from German:

As a board-certified physician, who is currently practicing medicine, I wanted to try these out, and see how they ‚felt’ and ‚worked’ before coming up with a protocol.

Here is a link to the summary table, in an easy to read format, that is available now to you on the web. It is a ‚work in progress’ and will be updated to reflect any new codes that are given to us. (Please note there are FOUR pages to this document. The first page only has two lines. You have to scroll down to see the…

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 30 May 2014

Sirian Heaven

SaLuSa (1)

We observe what you call the “hotspots” of negative energy brought about by the confrontation of groups that have different aims in life. Some choose to impose them on others with the result that clashes take place that often lead to a serious outcome. These are yet further lessons for all concerned until they realise that differences must be settled through peaceful negotiations, and are the only way forward. Man has almost always sought to settle differences through the use of threats or violence to gain his own way. The message that peaceful negotiations are the only way to achieve a peaceful settlement is just beginning to be accepted, and the people are leading the way.

Sooner rather than later your leaders will realise that there is only the one way forward to permanent peace. With it will come great changes that will move you out of the lower vibrations…

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☞ Honory dla ★☭ bandyty ☚◙◙

Reakcja najwyższych urzędników państwowych RP po śmierci zbrodniarza Jaruzelskiego jest najlepszą ilustracją stanu, w jakim się znajdujemy.

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The Hawai’ian Kingdom Series, Part 3: „Who is this „Ali’i Nui Mo’i Edmund K. Silva, Jr.”, King of Hawai’i?”

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 5-27-14… „New energy technology moving ahead even as financial chaos deepens”

☞ Sfałszowane wybory ■■■■

Już chyba nikt nie ma wątpliwości, że wyniki wyborów do Parlamentu Europejskiego nie odpowiadają rzeczywistości.

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Greenwald to publish American Names NSA Is Spying on

Galactic Federation of Light discuss Nesara, Chemtrails And Reshaping Of Continents

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Galactic Federation of Light discuss Nesara, Chemtrails And Reshaping Of Continents

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Sheldan Nidle 27 maja 2014 – bardzo dobre wieści/very good news :)


Sheldan Nidle – May 27, 2014

3 Ix, 5 Pax, 10 Caban

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) A grand series of events is now occurring around your globe! These events mark the beginnings of certain critical projects that are to bring you freedom, sovereignty, prosperity and new governance. Our liaisons report that several groups, which comprise our Earth allies, are moving to push the dark cabal and its minions from power. Included in these projects are the means to exponentially expand a nation-by-nation common law network, and projects, which tie this network into a means to forge new governance around your globe. The prosperity projects are also readying the delivery systems that are to be the basis for declaring NESARA to come into effect. As these events get ready to surface, we are preparing to put a formal stop to an international conspiracy that has made the spraying of „chemtrails” a nearly daily occurrence. The Agarthan liaisons are also busy informing the various dark cabal leadership groups that their vile objectives are to be ended in a slew of mass arrests.


It is vital that Gaia be saved from a daily onslaught of innumerable surface human companies that seek to exploit her many resources. These earthly resources are really the source for many items which help to maintain her numerous and diverse ecosystems. Our scientists daily monitor these developments and do what they can to maintain a degree of stability. There is a natural mechanism provided by Heaven that enables Gaia to make the extraction of these resources more and more difficult. This is the cause behind many of the mining and construction disasters, which develop from time to time on your world. The introduction of a number of presently sequestered technologies can greatly reduce the possibilities for such disasters. The dark cabal insists on keeping processes that the ushering in of these technologies can easily remedy. This is one of the reasons behind the necessity of ousting these dark ones from power. Added to these calamities is the enormous greed and arrogance of this dark oligarchy.


As we remove this dark set of vile minions from power, we also need to move your own transformations forward. Heaven has a very detailed time schedule for what is about to happen. Gaia needs to complete a series of preliminary changes before we can begin our mass landings. Hence, we are assisting Gaia and working with her to minimize what is to occur. As your geologists and meteorologists surmise, the seabeds need to continue to rise, and broad changes in your normal patterns are to take place. These changes are readying Gaia’s surface for the massive series of acts that are to reshape her continents, alter her oceans and set up the means in the atmosphere for a new set of layers of the ancient firmament. Gaia previously was a pristine place with only occasional disruption. These disruptions were times when new ecosystems were introduced and new species obtained a period of domination. These periods generally lasted for many hundreds of millions of years. You arrived when such a change had recently happened.


This surface had more continents and smaller oceans. A general balance was in effect. Your ancestors realized this and at first used their ethereal-like state of consciousness to adapt themselves to this realm. Later, they explored Inner Earth and immediately understood that their guardianship extended to both realms. Over hundreds of thousands of years the Lemurians graciously were able to oversee Gaia and her numerous ecosystems. While doing this, the Lemurians welcomed new colonists and began to forge a network of lands, and carried out their stewardship with love, grace and divine wisdom. Tales were told to each new generation, which in turn added to this ever-growing history. A long relationship with Gaia had preserved her unique chain of diverse life forms. This serenity was to be broken by the sudden actions of Atlantis. These actions sank Lemuria, cut off Agartha from Gaia’s surface and made Atlantis the dominant land on Gaia’s surface realm! Your long, dark age had begun!


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We look at our reality and know in our hearts that a great transformation is underway. Our sacred brethren are busy making it possible for the dark to be pushed from power. These changes are to usher in a new epoch. This epoch contains the final part of your blessed journey to full consciousness. We are part of a special team sent now to prepare each of you for this new reality. Our aspect of this project is to prepare you for what is to be said by our divine space and spiritual families. The Anunnaki and their earthly minions produced tales which became the foundation for either religious or scientific myths that describe how you were left in limited consciousness and how the shock of death was used to control you. Each preceding golden age was, in reality, a source for stories that became how you were suddenly plunged into the horrors of limited consciousness.


It is the major fears and traumas that followed which permit your rulers to treat you so shoddily. After nearly 13,000 years, you now readily and easily accept many of these tales. These half-truths need to be brought out into the light and explained in a most genuine and truthful manner. Originally, you were fully conscious Beings who refused to permit the dark to control the edicts of ancient Atlantis. In their rebellion, they were jointly deceived and sent to a process that turned your ancestors into amnesia-ridden, limited consciousness individuals. In doing so, your „angelic wings” were literally clipped. You were left on a torturous road filled with horrific obstacles to regaining your status as fully conscious Beings. Heaven decided to permit the Anunnaki to control you for a set time. The conditions for this were quite carefully set.


Right now, the Anunnaki have a number of myths and legends left behind and given to their dark minions. Our brethren arrive with the sacred blessings of Heaven and the mission at the right divine time to release you from your bondage and return you to full consciousness. During the right lifetime, Heaven gave us the means to conquer these obstacles and reach heavenly ascension. In this full consciousness, we take up the need to guide, advise and teach each of you about what is happening. This time is one of a rapid transition. It is when you start to realize that what is the current „norm” is merely a continuation of how you were artfully deceived and controlled. This is now blessedly to end and, with its end, comes a great transformation and welcoming reunion with the rest of humanity. It is a time for freedom, prosperity and new governance! You are not alone!


Today, as always, we continued our mission to inform you and ready you for the rise of a new epoch. One in which the dark is no longer dominant. In receiving your spiritual and space brethren, be joyous and be prepared to discover many things that can easily shock you. See this great Light. We leave you in Joy and in the everlasting Spirit of the Almighty! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Website: Planetary Activation Organization

QEG 3rd Phase Development: Self-running

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015

We are making history together! Because of the commitment of The People to bypass the usual production nightmare, set up by the powers that be (were), we were able to build the QEG and achieve the overunity phase of development in Morocco! What began with a conversion of 600 Watts into the generator motor to produce approximately 2000 Watts out (see 1st overunity video here), currently James is reporting 3000 Watts (5X), and some points 4500, 9460, 13,326, even 28,000 Watts!” That’s all output with 600Watts input! (More videos to come showing these readings, as well as “How to build a QEG” videos, which can be found on HopeGirl’s youtube channel!) One of the most valuable documents that has come from the Morocco build is the QEG Test & Measurement Report.

Video links of what we are all making possible – keep watching for new videos!!):

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☞ Maria Sokołowska o kulisach spotkania z Donaldem Tuskiem ☚◙◙◙◙ wywiad

Chciałam zwrócić premierowi uwagę na głos młodego pokolenia, które nie jest wpatrzone w PO i propagandę, że niektórzy też mogą myśleć inaczej, nie mają zabałaganionej głowy wiedzą, która jest nieprawdziwa – mówi Maria Sokołowska w rozmowie z Jarosławem Wróblewskim z portalu

Wczoraj (22.05.2014) Donald Tusk był w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim. Gdy szef PO podszedł do grupy licealistów, Maria Sokołowska uczennica II LO zapytała go:
„Dlaczego udaje pan patriotę, a jest pan zdrajcą Polski?”.

Dlaczego zadałaś premierowi Tuskowi to pytanie: Dlaczego udaje pan patriotę, a jest zdrajcą Polski?
Chciałam po prostu krzyknąć do Donalda Tuska, że jest zdrajcą. Bo tak uważam. Jednak wiedziałam, że tak nie wypada się zachować. Chciałam więc to zrobić dyplomatycznie i zadać mu to konkretne pytanie.

Premier odpowiedział wymijająco. Można powiedzieć, że cię zlekceważył?
Dokładnie, poczułam się zlekceważona przez premiera. Odpowiedział wymijająco, ale nie przyznałby się przecież, że jest zdrajcą. Nie mam więc o to do…

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Rewiński: „Obecna władza jest władzą z przekrętu” ☚◙◙◙◙◙

Jak to możliwe, że blisko 25 lat po odzyskaniu przez Polskę wolności i wyzwoleniu się spod sowieckiej dominacji stygmaty tej zawisłości – ponad 300 pomników, czołgów itd. nie tylko wciąż stoi, ale jest odnawiana i chroniona jak największe świętości.

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Nienawiść żydowską cnotą

Konwent Narodowy Polski

wilhelm świątkowski żydowska nienawiść




Neokonserwatywne-syjonistyczne pismo „First Things” (styczeń, 2004, str. 41 – 46) opublikowało artykuł p.t. „Cnota Nienawiści” („The Virtue of Hate”) napisany przez Rabina Meir’a Y. Soloveichik’a, który dochodzi do konkluzji, że faktycznie nienawiść jest cnotą żydowską, ponieważ „nienawiść pozwala nam trwać w postawie obronnej.”

Dalej Soloveichik uzasadnia opinię, że samobójcze (kontr-)ataki zdesperowanych Palestyńczyków dowodzą, jak ważną i konieczną jest nienawiść Żydów. Są to przesądy etnocentrycznie nastawionego rabina, który uczy, że żydowska nienawiść jest najwyższą cnotą, wtedy, kiedy dla Chrześcijanina najwyższą cnotą jest miłość.

W Polsce niedawno wydano książkę pod dziwnym tytułem, który właściwie zaczyna się od pogróżki: „Zamiast procesu; raport o mowie nienawiści.” Autorzy nie byli w stanie poprzeć swego tytułu istotnymi dowodami i najwidoczniej nie znają oni wypowiedzi Żydów, takich jak Soloveichik, w sprawie nienawiści.


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Smoking Marijuana in Moderation Does Not Harm Lungs

Andrew Hitchcock… „The History of the House of Rothschild”

QEG Morocco Test and Measurement Report Opensourced

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015

QEG T&M ReportWe know you have been eagerly and excitedly waiting for data and here it is in template form. We have entered partial QEG Morocco data as an example to show you how you can enter yours using the same form. More data will be submitted from the QEG Morocco build when all present project engineers compile their findings. Once you’ve filled in your report please return to

Click Here for: Morocco QEG Test and Measurement Report

We are opensourcing this material because it is what we feel we can do to help the freedom movement forward into its inevitable arrival. While most have been supportive beyond our wildest dreams, and we are eternally grateful for YOU, there are still those who want to suppress this technology. Many  are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, and come with notebooks and pens. They make judgments, criticisms and spin stories. They have agendas that do not have humanity’s…

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Hilarion – May 25 – June 1, 2014

Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

As the energy continues to come in waves, so too, do the symptoms your bodies are experiencing. Just when you thought that you were over the worst of them, another round is started. Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that it brings lightness of heart and being as the ancient memories in your cells are brought to the surface to be addressed and released. All that is of sorrow and sadness is being eliminated and in its place comes more refined light. As those at the forefront of this movement and transformation, you are doing a wonderful job of assimilating and eliminating. The ups and downs that you have been experiencing are a part of the process. Listen to your bodies and allow rest when it is needed and for some of you, this reminds you of the story of Rip Van Winkle who wandered into the mountains…

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Fruition of energetic seeds implanted in Gaia grid structures occurs in short order


gaia_energy1Fruition of energetic seeds implanted in Gaia grid structures occurs in short order.

Removal of oppositional energetic seeds and accompanying entanglements nears completion.

Forces of Higher Dimensional Light flow effortlessly through current energetic undulations on Gaia surface.

Impactful renderings of shadow structures occurs at each now moment, within each hu- and Hue-being, as well as within all group structures.

Veracity of „Light Guidance” rapidly becomes validated for all Gaia participants.

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NY Times 5-17-14… „What Farm-to-Table Got Wrong” (or, „It’s the Soil, Darn it!”

Time for Action… „Save Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, from Fracking”

☞ Cuda nad urną ☚◙◙◙◙

Mam tego dosyć

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Benjamin Fulford 5-27-14… „New energy technology moving ahead even as financial chaos deepens”

Benjamin Fulford 5-27-14… „New energy technology moving ahead even as financial chaos deepens”