Direct Contact to Subconsciousness resp.” Your Higher Self ” has now been activated — Gaia through Marc Gamma – 04-05.2014

Illuminations Now!!




Dear humans, this is Mother Earth speaking to you and today I submit to you some particular message with merry tidings!

With this script I want to show you some easy measure how you – on your very own – may find some direct and easy access to your subconsciousness resp. to your own Higher Self.

When time and years of life ravage on you – you will find it a matter of course to go forward too. Now, what is meant by such expression so much used by you too?  It refers to something being clear and distinctive to all of you. It is your death that is meant by it – the physical one, reminding you that your body is of mortal character. Yet it is actually only your physical body being left here – however your soul will go on…

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