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The Tantric tradition offers two definitions of tantra. The first comes from the Kāmikā-tantra:

Because it elaborates (tan) copious and profound matters, especially relating to the principles of reality (tattva) and sacred mantras, and because it provides liberation (tra), it is called a tantra.

The second comes from the 10th-century Tantric scholar Rāmakaṇṭha, who belonged to the dualist school Śaiva Siddhānta:

A tantra is a divinely revealed body of teachings, explaining what is necessary and what is a hindrance in the practice of the worship of God; and also describing the specialized initiation and purification ceremonies that are the necessary prerequisites of Tantric practice.

Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar describes a tantric individual and a tantric cult:

A person who, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, aspires for spiritual expansion or does something concrete, is a Tantric. Tantra in itself is neither a religion nor an ‚ism’. Tantra is a fundamental spiritual science. So wherever there is any spiritual practice it should be taken for granted that it stands on the Tantric cult.”

It is no coincidence that the symbol of health is the Caduceus. Two snakes winding up in a straight column. At the top of the column snake heads are directed toward the sphere, from which extend two wings.

299px-Caduceus.svgIt is a symbol of balance and energy increase. Two snakes are a symbol of the two main energies: feminine and masculine. These energies are opening in the basemant chakra and then intertwined in the four other chakras.


A straight column, on top of which is a winged globe, is the energy of kundalini. Kundalini rises along our spine. These three types of energy: kundalini, feminine and masculine, sustainable, intertwined in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is symbolized by the Eye of Horus.

oko horusa a mózgthemindunleashed.org/2014/01/detox-pineal-gland-fluoride-mercury-consciousness.html

These energies provide to pineal the power needed to activate the health of our physical forces and extrasensory capabilities. Our health is closely linked to spiritual development. Spiritual growth is a healthy body. 🙂 Health is sustainable energy. Health is love and harmony. 🙂 Health is love and self-acceptance.

I have been practising techniques of meditation for twenty years. In 1997, I acquired the Ist degree and in 1998 the IInd degree in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.  In 2001 have defended a very good master’s thesis at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Adam Mickiewicz entitled „Chinese Ontology ” in which  presented a description of the universe energy system construction according to Chinese cosmology. In the same year I also graduated with a very good mark Postgraduate Studies in Social Welfare Organization and Social Work at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the same university. In 2005 I passed the exam before the Commission the Minister of Finance and I received qualifications of the internal auditor. Since then, I am an active professional internal auditor too. In parallel to my interest in the metaphysical, was developing  knowledge relating to the natural methods of treatment techniques. I have been recognizing the medicinal properties of herbs, acupressure, treatment techniques at a distance healing and radiesthesia. Most of the experience I gained by helping myself and people from my nearest environment. Thus, in practice, I observed the efficacy of various methods. All my experience forward during the workshops conducted by me. It turns out to be necessary for the release of energy blockages that manifest themselves during meditation exercises.

Those interested in participating in individual meetings or group workshops, can find my contact details here.

Workshops are conducted in Polish and English. 🙂

I assure complete discretion.

Meetings for individuals (couple) and groups can also be conducted via the Internet .

What can one expect by the workshop?

I lead meditation practice based on the methods described in the Protocols of Horus. I think that this system is the most perfect developed meditation techniques I have learned so far. You become acquainted with this techniques here. I teach participants of the meditation exercises in the order described in the protocols. Classes provide the opportunity to share their insights and experiences with the leader as well as with the other participants in the meetings. During the course convey my knowledge and experience based on twenty years of practice. Also those associated with the release of karmic conditions that have an impact on our personal life, at work and in social relationships.

The purpose of the workshop is to prepare participants to continue to work on herself/himself. Meditation is a personal work. My role is to show the way in which it can be carried and indicate the method of releasing energy blockages, which used regularly, can help cleanse the energy system of each person. It is a systematic work on oneself, which does not end with the completion of the workshop.

Everyone who wants to help me with my work can make donation here.

Thank you for all donations.

Best and warm wishes 🙂 Winnie .


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