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It All Seems Different…

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20140130-071815.jpgI’m sitting here in Java today (and „Java”, on this blog, always means „Java on the Rock„) and it seems that everything about this moment, and at Java, seems (senses) different… than any moment prior.

All of „the past” seems to have dissolved, and all of „the future” seems to have no hold on me (and likely others as well) anymore.

And although I’ve live on this island for more than a few years, today, in this moment, it comes through as („feels like”) a completely new place.

And I’m loving it… each and every moment of it.

Maybe others know what I’m writing about here.

Aloha to All, from the „Brand New” Big Island. KP

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Native American Flute Relaxation: Sacred Wind Streaming Album

Illuminations Now!!




As the rain gently falls upon our place on this Earth this fine morning, we celebrate the Sacred Wind. I share in hopes you will enjoy this energy and have a most glorious adventure within your world today..



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★ ☭ Na czerwonych czapka gore … ☚◙◙◙◙◙ przeczytaj

Mam niezły ubaw obserwując POdrygi czerwonej hołoty….

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