Interdimensional Travel and Flux Tubes

13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT Kin 57, Red Overtone Earth: Clear sign of Pacal Votan

Dedicated to the arrival of two new star beings: Aidan Orion Wyatt-Harding, Kin 13          and Vela(ur)iah Arctara O’Farrell-Javier, Kin 57


The synchronic codes left by Pacal Votan are keys that unlock the secret passageway and activate the bridge that leads from this Earth to the New Earth. This passageway brings us into   relationship with the guiding intelligence of our Sun, Kinich Ahau. But only those who discover their true essence will find the secret passageway.

On Kin 196 (32 days after Galactic Synchronization) I was informed through a dream visitation of Valum Votan that the „flux tubes had been repaired” and that  interdimensional travel was now more easily accessible. He said the veils were being lifted and that it was now much easier for him to travel to and from earth. He also said that…

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