Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

Dear children of the light, we know that most of you have
been experiencing an influx of energies today. We come to you now to tell you
that the balance has indeed been restored! The gates have been opened, in the Jerusalem…
yes indeed the gates have been opened, but none are aware of it just yet, the
pyramids are about to activate and hence you are feeling the immense energies flowing
through to you, this is a most magnificent time, it is the time for
A time of celebration indeed. It has been opened on our end
of the spectrum, and those sensitive enough are feeling the influx of energies,
those who are not of light, those who are not vibrating at their highest frequencies
are getting sick, they are getting confused, they are rebelling within themselves
and are seeking confirmation of what is to come, but they…

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