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Hilarion – July 20 – 27, 2014

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Beloved Ones,

The people of the world are uniting in greater and greater numbers to stand in the streets to let the leaders of the world know that they are no longer willing to be silent witnesses as they watch senseless destruction of the world’s people and their homelands be destroyed. As the powers that be lash out to create fear in the people in order to keep them under control, awakened humanity across the planet are rising up in swelling numbers to create change across the planet. The mainstream news continues to suppress the reporting of the momentous movement of people’s protests in major cities of the world and this has become glaringly clear to the majority of the world’s population. The lies, deceptions and cover ups from those in power are becoming more obvious in every moment.

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Typhoon Rammasun kills more than 100 in China and Philippines

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July 2014CHINA – The strongest typhoon to hit southern China in four decades has killed at least 16 people in the region after leaving scores dead in the Philippines. Strong winds and rain from Super Typhoon Rammasun hit dozens of southern coastal cities in the provinces of Guangdong and Hainan and the region of Guangxi, affecting more than 3 million people, the Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported Saturday. The powerful storm made landfall on the island province of Hainan about 1:30 p.m. Friday after veering west, according to the China Meteorological Administration. Planes were grounded in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, stranding 1,300 passengers, Xinhua said, and train service between Nanning and coastal cities was suspended.
Rammasun struck the Philippines earlier in the week, killing at least 94 people and displacing more than half a million, according to the country’s National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council…

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~Chaos in Order, Order in Chaos, Two New Earths and Christened Energies – Pleiades High Council ~

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pleiadesjuly21The restructuring and resurrection of cosmic gateways of light, life and chaos in order, and order in chaos, has begun to rapidly unfold throughout the universe that you are presently finding yourself. For the newly arrived christened energies, the energies of the light, the energies of the source and the energies of the creator have been unleashed into this universe, reaching GAIA to usher in the next phase of the evolutionary progression of of mankind. The energy that has been generating for quite some time in the inner depths of the higher selves of those dwelling on GAIA have finally reached a culmination point and have been dispensed, and dispersed to all who dwell on your planet. To all who dwell in the consciousness in which you are finding yourselves to be in.

Through the central sun of Alcyone following the full moon, comes a newly found energy of light…

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Benjamin Fulford 7-22-14… „Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior nazionists to be arrested soon”

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benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk72[Kp note: I was preparing the outline for the post of Ben's latest yesterday and accidentally hit the "Publish" button. That's why some of you would have received a "blank" Ben message either by email or FB message or Tweet. My mistake.]

The highlights from this post from Ben are below. The one paragraph he has repeated 3 times. I’m leaving it in, as perhaps it’s a (hidden) message. But presuming his report is on the money, we can expect some exciting events in the very near future.

„The downing of remote controlled Israeli owned so-called “Malaysian Airlines flight MH17,” filled with dead and decomposing bodies, was one dirty trick too many for the nazionists and a turning point against them has now been reached within the world’s secret agencies and governments, according to multiple sources.

„What we first saw in Syria were are now seeing in the Ukraine; a…

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✈ Niemiecki ekspert bije w smoleńskich mądrali ■■■■

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… „do stwierdzenia przyczyn katastrofy lotniczej konieczne jest zbadanie nienaruszonego wraku.”

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Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Actions, Not Words

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Remember that Actions speak louder than words.  What are you creating today with your actions?   Are your actions peaceful?  Are your actions loving?  Are your actions compassionate?  Are your actions Joyful?  Are you living what you want to see manifest?   It begins with you.  Right here, right now!

You, the sons and daughters of creator are the creators.  As you think and as you do, you create.   What do you want to create today?  The choice is yours.   That is your divine gift, freedom of will. The earth is in your hands now!  Live what you want to see.  You and you alone are the catalyst for change.   The smallest pebble dropped in the biggest pond, creates waves that reach the farthest shore, even if you do not see them.  You want peace, then be peace.  You want love, then be love.  You want compassion…

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Benjamin Fulford – 14 lipca, 2014

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Postanowiłam przetłumaczyć ostatni cotygodniowy raport Fulforda.   Czytam na FB, jak niektóre osoby w polskiej społeczności, nawet tacy, którzy uważają się za pracowników Światła, wyrażają swoje negatywne emocje w sprawie konfliktu na Ukrainie kierowani propagandą korporacyjnych mediów.  Przetłumaczyłam ten raport, który w większości pokrywa się z innymi niezależnymi źródłami w Internecie, dla szerszej perspektywy.  Do Was należy Wasza opinia, ja się nie upieram przy niczyjej prawdzie.  Odnośniki są do angielskich stron.  Serdecznie pozdrawiam – kr
Ostatniabrutalność IzraelawStrefie Gazy, powstaniekalifatuISISw Iraku iproblemyna Ukrainiemożna terazprzypisać dotego samego źródła: SyjoniściZacznijmy odkampaniiISISOto coMI5i inneagencje wywiadowczebyły w stanieostatniopołączyćISISjest kontrolowane przez KorporacjeCIA/RANDzsiedziby wAmbasadzie USA wAnkarze, TurcjaPotwierdza towcześniejszeroszczenia zodrębnychźródeł, że FundacjaJamestownprowadzi

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Neil Keenan Group Update 7-20-14… „Three Strikes and You’re Out!”

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neil_keenan_group_k_header3_480_crop_4This post has a couple of video updates, probably discussing the 7-17-14 Drake radio show. Neil does confirm what he mentioned in the radio show, namely, that Germany would be leaving NATO and joining BRICS.


Three Strikes and You’re Out!

(A video update from Neil Keenan)

Reporting from Jakarta, Indonesia, “GROUND ZERO” in the global war to conquer the Western cabal, Neil Keenan hits a bases-loaded grand slam in this video update!

In his usual direct and no-nonsense style, Neil brings us up to speed on developments in the fight to protect the global collateral accounts – and free them for the use and purpose for which they were originally intended.

Neil talks about Japan and the recent change in its post World War II military status. Neil discusses the significance of the timing and change, and how it directly affects the geopolitical setting in the region and…

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St. Germain Says The Elite Are Preparing To Check In To The Fema Camps They Built For Us!

Originally posted on Listen To the Red Shaman And Friends 2014:

St. Germain Says The Elite Are Preparing To Check In To The Fema Camps They Built For Us!

Listen to the historic radio show Chanel Panel….for yourself and hear St. Germain through Kathryn E May and her guests and cohosts including Anne Dehart!  After you listen you’ll want to use lots of exclaimation marks too! lol–a-new-era-for-planet-earth?__hstc=152744614.56d4fddfc72c8bf97db0af9526018458.1386720000025.1386720000026.1386720000027.1&__hssc=152744614.1.1386720000028

Channel Panel“Within the space of one day… dramatic and instant change.

All must get used to being in an atmosphere of Love.  A real… shakeup!”

He says the public might get a bit dangerous to the elite, when the public finds out what they have done including all our financial woes/enslavement and the embezzlement of trillions daily from the public wealth (hello digital money supply)… from previous research the writer here suggest this list might include:

-The poisoning of the air, food, water and soil.

-Fixed elections


-Regular child sacrifice

-Feeding of human meat…

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RT 7-19-14… „Russia bars entry to 12 Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib-linked Americans”

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rt_logo_small_3Well, I know this is all one of the final pieces of a continuing (but ending) game. At least the Russian government is doing something about these things, as THE USA CORP. government will likely not ever take steps to hold such folks accountable for their abuses.

Bottom line… we are all one family. We are all a part of this planet. Time for standing up for ourselves, within ourselves, BEing our Selves.


Russia bars entry to 12 Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib-linked Americans

Russia has responded to US sanctions against its officials and businessmen by banning 12 more Americans from entering the country. Ten of those in the list are implicated in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, and two are connected to Guantanamo.

We have mentioned before that it is futile to communicate with us in the language of sanctions. Such measures will not be allowed to pass…

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Kijowska zbrodnia; Malasian Airlines B777 – dowody.

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Wszystko wskazuje że B-777 został trafiony z myśliwca rakietą powietrze -powietrze jak sugerują poziome ślady na skrzydle wraku. Rakiety z systemu BUK lecą od ziemi w górę a rakiety powietrze – powietrze lecą z myśliwców w poziomie zupełnie jak ślady na zdjęciu górnego płata skrzydła !!!
A kto takie myśliwce zdolne do strzału rakietami powietrze-powietrze posiada i nimi operuje w tym regionie ? Rakiety R – 27 Topor albo R-73, są na wyposażeniu dla samolotów Su i Mig.

Ależ głupków z ludzi usiłują robić judeo-sataniści podając widowni jak na igrzyskach kretynów fałszywe symulacje na których zresztą widać pomimo brutalnej korekty, iż rakieta systemu BUK musi zawsze uderzyć pionem od dołu poza przypadkiem wystrzelenia jej z Księżyca !

Hiszpański kontroler ruchu powietrznego nick Carlos jednak faktycznie istnieje ewakuował rodzinę z Kijowa i potwierdza co wcześniej twierdził iż napisał na twiterze w sieci patrz video od 5:00 iz feralny B-777…

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Preston James VT 7-19-14… „Alien Agenda V: World Zionists Play Russian Roulette With Alien ETs”

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

veterans_today_preston_james_banner_4Okay… I’m only posting the end of this article, as this was the part I felt most resonant for the current time. Now I am not advocating any particular point from this article, in particular, with the guns, etc., however, whatever form it takes for each to REALize their own inner sovereignty, and express that, is up to each individual. Many have learned and understand that the governments they live „under” are simply corporations. So the corporations have no consent over individuals unless those individuals give it to them.

In Hawai’i, many here are really waking up to the fact that there is no „State of Hawai’i” (and part of „THE USA CORP”)… and that this archipelago called „The Hawai’ian Islands” is still, even in the strict legal sense, „The Kingdom of Hawai’i”. If you doubt this, check out some of the posts in the Hawai’ian Kingdom series. In…

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Na zielonej Ukrainie…pod rządami bandziorów uzurpatorów kijowskich jewrosrajdaniarzy

Originally posted on blog polski:

Sytuacja w Ługańsku

Для волнующихся на тему Луганска.

Вопреки сообщениям СМИ в Луганске нет украинских войск, город под контролем армии Луганской народной республики.

Луганск продолжают расстреливать Градами и артиллерией, количество раненых и убитых растет. Обстрел идет в основном со стороны поселка Металлист. Большая города лишилась света, воды, горят шахты вблизи города. На окраинах идут боестолкновения с карательными отрядами.
Бои идут под Рубежным, атакован блокпост нацгвардии.
В районе Краснодона идет боестолкновение с применением артиллерии и ПТУРов, по предвартельным данным уничтожают колонну украинской техники. – цинк

Сегодняшний день оказался для Луганска одним из самых кровавых за всю историю войны. Более жестокого обстрела, по словам местных жителей, еще не было. 44 погибших человека – и похоже, что их число еще ненамного, но может увеличиться. 215, по последним сообщениям, числятся ранеными.Среди погибших один ребенок, среди раненых четверо детей. Все погибшие и пострадавшие – мирные жители. – Военные преступления в Луганске 18.07

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Hmmmmm Violet Flame Kombucha!!!!!!!

Ebola death toll tops 600, spreads to 4 more counties in Liberia – WHO losing fight to contain outbreak

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July 2014AFRICA -  New cases of Ebola virus have been found in four additional counties in Liberia, raising the number of affected counties to seven out of a total of 15. The four counties are located in the west, center and east of Liberia, while the virus has affected mainly western parts of the county. Ebola has spread through several West African countries, including Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, since its latest outbreak in February. The death toll from the virus has surpassed 600 despite efforts by regional and international health experts to contain the epidemic. Guinea is the worst-hit country with more than 500 people losing their lives. Liberia has reported 105 deaths since the outbreak there in May, while 142 have lost their lives in Sierra Leone. There is currently no known cure for Ebola, a form of hemorrhagic fever whose symptoms are diarrhea, vomiting…

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Another Malaysian Flight Lost, Ukraine Rebels Claim They’ve Found Black Box

Featured Image -- 4740

Originally posted on Deus Nexus:

Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash: Flight ‚Shot Down’ Over Ukraine

From: AP

malaysia-planeGRABOVO, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine said a passenger plane carrying 295 people was shot down Thursday as it flew over the country, and both the government and the pro-Russia separatists fighting in the region denied any responsibility for downing the plane.

As plumes of black smoke rose up near a rebel-held village of Grabovo in eastern Ukraine, an Associated Press journalist counted at least 22 bodies at the crash site 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Russian border.

The plane appeared to have broken up before impact and the burning wreckage — which included body parts and the belongings of passengers — was scattered over a wide area.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called the downing an act of terrorism and called for an international investigation into the crash.

The village of Grabovo is currently under the control of the…

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VT 7-17-14… „Throwing BRICS at Israel”

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

veterans_today_banner_2I found this is a helpful article by Johnny Punish, noting how the BRICS banking structure is removing all of the wind out of the FRN, the US petro dollar, and the „We are better than you so follow our rules or we’ll blast the he// out of you” the FRSS (Federal Reserve Slavery System). So there…

And for those who may see these type posts as „anti-Israel people”, that is not the case. This is about the „terrorist-type” group of elite called „Zionists”, who basically want to control the world.

„Yesterday, the BRICS countries made pacts and created a new world bank excluding USA and EU. This is NOT titillating news and does not make it to prime time but is the biggest news event in the last decade, maybe even the last 50 years, because it is earth shattering for the financial systems and will have effects in…

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Gordon Duff/Jim Dean of VT, 7-17-14… „777 Shot Down Over Ukraine”

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_12[Numerological UPDATE: by the way, yesterday was 7-16-2014, a 7-7-7 day. Today, a 777 was shot down. This is more than synchronicity, I'm quite sure, and likely planned in advance.]

As we send Light and Love to all those affected by this event, I’m sure many of the readers of this blog would have two words come to mind: „False Flag”.

Again, Gordon Duff and Jim Dean use their intel sources to find out what really happened.

All I will be doing is sending Light, Love, and Prayers to the whole situation.


777 Shot Down Over Ukraine
By Gordon Duff with Jim W. Dean

We have people on the scene now (1:45PM EST) who have found a bag of passports and medical equipment.  We will keep you updated.

Initial stories, traced back to Israeli intelligence, that a Russian jet is responsible for downing the Malaysian Airlines 777…

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777 Shot Down Over Ukraine: Getting Past The Lies

Featured Image -- 4732

Originally posted on Deus Nexus:

777 Shot Down Over Ukraine: Getting Past The Lies

Reposted from:Veterans Today | By Gordon Duff with Jim W. Dean

Israeli owned Fox News propagandizing for a World War, blames Russian ground based missiles

Breaking:  From Global Travel Industry News:

ETN received information from an air traffic controller in Kiev on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

This Kiev air traffic controller is a citizen of Spain and was working in the Ukraine. He was taken off duty as a civil air-traffic controller along with other foreigners immediately after a Malaysia Airlines passenger aircraft was shot down over the Eastern Ukraine killing 295 passengers and crew on board.

The air traffic controller suggested in a private evaluation and basing it on military sources in Kiev, that the Ukrainian military was behind this shoot down. Radar records were immediately confiscated after it became clear a passenger jet was shot down.

Military air traffic…

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7-17-14 False Flag (formerly Dynamic Duo) Weekly News

Originally posted on Kauilapele's Blog:

You may wish to turn eyes away about halfway through when they show picture of injured Palestinian child.

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British Police Arrest 660 Suspected Pedophiles and an Update from the ITCCS and Kevin Annett


Brytyjska policja aresztowała 660 podejrzanych o pedofilię.

Originally posted on Starship Earth: The Big Picture:

Token coverage from the Washington Post, no less… but better than nothing.  This story is EVERYWHERE.  ~ BP

National Crime Agency arrests hundreds in online child abuse sting

July 16 at 7:41 AM

LONDON — British police say they have arrested 660 suspected pedophiles during a six-month operation.

The National Crime Agency said Wednesday the investigation targeted Internet users with child abuse images — suspects who included doctors, teachers, Scout leaders and former police officers.

Deputy director general Phil Gormley said the crackdown was the biggest police operation of its kind in Britain. The agency said hundreds of children were “safeguarded” as a result of the information uncovered.

Britain has been rocked by a series of child abuse scandals in recent years since details emerged about the numerous sex crimes committed by the late BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile.


More details on that story at The Guardian (recommended)

And, in follow up to a post in 2012…

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Giant hole forms in Siberia, and nobody can explain why

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :

July 2014SIBERIA -A giant hole has opened up in Siberia, and nobody quite knows why. The massive hole, which spans about 262 feet in diameter, was spotted recently on the Yamal Peninsula in Russia, commonly known as the “end of the world,” The Siberian Times reported. The depth of the hole is not yet known. New video footage shows the mysterious hole surrounded by vegetation in a seemingly remote area. The ground on the outskirts of the hole appears to have been displaced, perhaps by whatever caused the hole to form. Given the crater’s proximity to a natural gas field, one theory is that the hole formed following an explosion, caused by a mixture of gas, salt and water igniting underground. So far, local officials have ruled out a space rock as the culprit behind the hole. “We can definitely say that it is not a meteorite,”…

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Strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake jolts Alaska near Canada border

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :

Alaska Canada July 17 6.0
July 2014ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Seismologists say a strong earthquake rattled a section of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory. The Alaska Earthquake Center says the 6.0 magnitude quake struck at 3:49 a.m. about 62 miles northwest of Yakutat. There are no immediate reports of damage. The quake was felt in Yakutat, as well as Whitehorse in the Yukon. Yakutat is a Gulf of Alaska community about 45 miles southwest of the Canada border. –Sacramento Bee
15,00o kept from homes by erupting Indonesian volcano: Molten lava flows increased in volume at Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano, along with discharges of ash clouds that fell over nearby farmland and villages. Ongoing volcanic activity over the past year has kept thousands of residents away from their homes.  Officials say that as many as 10,447 people, or 3,143 families, are housed in 23 evacuation shelters, while another 3,683 evacuees live in houses…

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Mount Fuji ‘at risk of eruption’ from pressure build-up after 2011 earthquake

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :

July 2014JAPAN - The earthquake that sparked a devastating tsunami that killed thousands in Japan in 2011 has caused pressure to build under active volcano Mount Fuji. While Japan’s highest mountain has not erupted since 1707, scientists say the build-up of pressure caused by the magnitude-9 Tohoku-Oki earthquake has left Mount Fuji in a “critical state.” The research was carried out by scientists at the Institute of Earth Sciences in Grenoble, France, with their Japanese counterparts. It used records from 800 seismic sensors that recorded data after the earthquake to map geological disturbances in fluid in the earth’s crust, caused by seismic waves. “Our work does not say that the volcano will start erupting, but it does show that it’s in a critical state,” Dr Florent Brenguier, lead author of the publication, told The Guardian. Dr Brenguier said seismic waves travelled a long way around the world…

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